New Young A-Team for Austria

ACA LogoAs an extension to the SNASY Academy and to strengthen further our future National Team, we are pleased to announce the creation of an Austrian A-Team.  This will be coached and led by Oscar Wanigasekera, Austrian National Team Assistant Coach and SNASY’s Cricket Consultant.  The aim is to select and develop up to 20 exceptional young players, who have the potential to be key contributors to the National Teams of the future.

The players will be selected based on trials to be held in July and on performances for their clubs and will include a balance of batsmen, keepers, fast and slow bowlers.  As it is focused on the future, only players up to the age of 25 will be eligible and selection will be based purely on ability and potential.

As with the other SNASY initiatives, this program is supported by the ACA–OCVaca Austria logo basic and will
obviously include close working and collaboration with the Austrian National Team.  The selected players will have personalised development programs, will train together regularly and will play in fixtures that will provide appropriate levels of challenge.  It is planned to include additional top class coaching as part of the development of the players.  Regular training will begin on Friday 15/08/14 at 17:30 – 19:30.

Trials will take place on two consecutive Sundays at the Austria Cricket Stadium on
13/07/14 and 27/07/14, (two dates to try to ensure all nominated players are available for at least one of the trial days). Each trial will start at 13:00 and will include some basic training, nets and a trial match. They are expected to last until around 18:00.

We request that club chairman and representatives nominate players from the clubs to attend these trials. They must be exceptional young players, who you believe will become future National Team stars and they must be aged 25 or less.   To submit your nominations, please complete the attached spreadsheet showing name, age, nationality, ability to travel, basic contact details and availability for trials – and send it by 9th July to

If you have any questions, please contact either Oscar Wanigasekera, Walter Blaschke or Matt Toogood.  In the event that a strong candidate is unavailable for both trial dates, please let us know as we will find other opportunities to assess the player.

We believe this is another great opportunity for Austria Cricket and for its young players! Please support it by encouraging and nominating your top young players!


Nominations for A Team

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