Introducing SNASY – the Siva Nadarajah Austrian Sports for Youth Institute (SNASY Institute)

aca Austria logo basicMatt Toogood, the Director of Cricket at the Siva Nadarajah Austrian Sports for Youth Institute (SNASY Institute), introduces the aims of the institute to aid the development of youth and women’s cricket in Austria. The inaugural session will be held at the ACS in Markomannenstrasse on Saturday, 10 May 2014, starting at 13:00.

 “As many of you will know, the idea of an Austrian youth and women’s cricket academy has been discussed for a number of years.  We all know that a successful cricketing future in Austria depends on a successful junior and youth program.  But, youth and women’s development is limited by training capability, training facilities and importantly critical mass. Cricket is not well known – there are currently only a limited number of clubs in Austria with women and junior/youth members, and fewer still with training plans.
In the name of Siva Nadarajah, the person who did so much for the development of cricket, particularly youth and women’s cricket, we have created a non-profit organisation called the “Siva Nadarajah Austrian Sports for Youth Institute”, whose aim is to provide services to young, talented players to encourage, support and foster them in their development.  The cricket development program will be focussed on the Austrian Cricket Academy, “ACADEMY”, which will pool players, coaches, facilities, resources to have greatest effect. This will improve both the performance and participation levels in clubs across Austria leading to the development of Junior National Teams, and of course, ultimately, to a continuous source of developed talent for our senior National Team.  It is important to note that the ACADEMY does not replace, but rather adds to and supports, the great work done by a number of clubs for young and female players.
Supported by the ÖCV-ACA Executive Committee and with inputs from players from many clubs – PCC, VLCC, SLCC, ACC, VCC, LCC, CCV91…, we have agreed a way to take this forward – focussing on this summer, but with the hope that with your support, it will be extended into the future.
We have already identified a keen and strong team to run the ACADEMY with great experience in cricket development, again with members from a number of clubs. But to support our youth and women, we will need your help and that of your members – many of whom have already offered support – thanks!  Please let us know if you or any of your members are interested in helping in any way – we don’t just need coaches.
We look forward to hearing from you and to Developing Together.
Best Cricketing Wishes,
Matt Toogood
Director of Cricket, SNASY Institute

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