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Introducing SNASY – the Siva Nadarajah Austrian Sports for Youth Institute (SNASY Institute)

aca Austria logo basicMatt Toogood, the Director of Cricket at the Siva Nadarajah Austrian Sports for Youth Institute (SNASY Institute), introduces the aims of the institute to aid the development of youth and women’s cricket in Austria. The inaugural session will be held at the ACS in Markomannenstrasse on Saturday, 10 May 2014, starting at 13:00.

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ACA finalises contract with SNASY for organization and development of youth cricket

kids at tournamentWolfgang Tesar, Secretary Austrian Cricket Association has announced that the ÖCV-ACA has finalised a contract with SNASY (Siva Nadarajah Austrian Sports for Youth Institute) to handle the development and organization of youth cricket in Austria. The contract will run for this season and with an extension to the contract to be decided upon at the next AGM.

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