ACA finalises contract with SNASY for organization and development of youth cricket

kids at tournamentWolfgang Tesar, Secretary Austrian Cricket Association has announced that the ÖCV-ACA has finalised a contract with SNASY (Siva Nadarajah Austrian Sports for Youth Institute) to handle the development and organization of youth cricket in Austria. The contract will run for this season and with an extension to the contract to be decided upon at the next AGM.

SNASY is an independent organization who will run regular training sessions at Markomannenstrasse, will organize youth league competition (girls and boys), and will organize international tournaments and will organize tours for the youth national team. SNASY will report back to the ÖCV-ACA regularly, with reports being made available to all member clubs. There will be coaches of various clubs be involved. The main contacts will be Walter Blaschke as Cricket Development Manager and Matt Toogood as Competition Manager. The other roles and people involved will be clarified directly by SNASY.

SNASY will act as youth academy for Austrian youth development. Clubs are, however, still encouraged to and supported in setting up their own youth training programmes. However, in addition all clubs can send their youth players to SNASY event. The training sessions overseen by SNASY will be free for all ACA member clubs and will take place at Markomannenstrasse.

Clubs are invited, as a first step to register all youth players who they think should and can participate in those events with SNASY. Players must be between 11 and 19 years old at 01/09/2014 (i.e. born before 1.9.2003 but after 1.9.1994).

Clubs are requested to send the following information about players to the SNASY Institute at

  • full name
  • date of birth
  • associated club
  • level: beginner/advanced

This partnership is the best current solution for youth and women’s development. Clubs should address all questions relating to the ACA involvement about this initiative to Wolfgang Tesar (